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- Yorgos Pervolarakis was born on the 4th of February 1976 in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. There he started his guitar studies at an early age with Nikos Papakonstantinou and as a teenager he played in a rock band called “The Memory Poets"..

-He was one of the founding members of the Theater Ensemble MANIA II, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Between 1993 and 1995 MANIA II produced Melissa by Nikos Kazantzakis and Ystati by Faidon Tamvakakis, both shown in Club Zero, Aisopou 7, Thessalonik, Greece.


- He studied the classical guitar at Mekedoniko Odeio of Thessaloniki in the class of Fotis Baxes and at the Mozarteum Universität Salzburg in the class of Eliot Fisk. In parallel he studied Harmony of Music with the composer Evaggelia Kateli and classical singing with the soprano Vasiliki Pozidou.


- He has won the 2nd prize at the Veria National Competition of Guitar 2001, Greece.

- He took guitar masterclasses with Zoran Dukic, Carlo Marchione, Hubert Käppel, Joaquin Clerch, Pavel Steidl, Oscar Gigglia, Ignacio Rodes and Eduardo Fernandez among others.

- He is one of the founding members of the renowned Miscelanea Guitar Quartet, which celebrated its 10 years of artistic existence in April 2017. Miscelanea GQ is specialized in the interpretation of Contemporary Music, it has won 7 prizes in international chamber music competitions, it has released the albums Salzburg Concert/Arsis 2012 and In Swirling Modes/Doberman-Yppan 2016 and has performed in major international festivals, such as : Boston GuitarFest, Wroclaw International Guitar Festival, Hersbruck International Guitar Festival, Passauer Saiten, Salzburg GuitarFest, Salzburg Biennale, InterLab and Take The A-Train Festival# I & II among others.

- He is one of the founding members, singer, lyrics writer and co-composer of the soul-punk band Dr.Opin which has released the album Time Garden/Jazzit Edition 2010. The album has been broadcasted by radio stations from countries such as: the U.S.A, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Greece among others and songs have been used in theater plays and in contemporary circus performances.

- He worked in the Toihaus Theater Salzburg as a musician, composer and performer between March 2015 - June 2019. He participated in productions for adults and for children and he performed in international children theater’s festivals such as : Visioni di teatro, visioni di futuro {Bologna 2017], BIM BAM Theaterfestival [Salzburg 2017] and Kaolin and Barbotin [Limoges 2017], in Jazz & The City 2018, Salzburg as well.

- The avant-Première of his most recent solo project FAFLÁGOS-New*Sea*Wave took place in Jazzit:Musik:Club, Salzburg on 28.4.17.

Its concerts consist of new songs of his own, music that he composed for the Toihaus Theater, fresh solo versions of songs by Dr. Opin, new theatre compositions, songs and theatre sound designs, compositions from the classical guitar repertory from the baroque until the contemporary period, and covers or arrangements of songs by beloved songwriters such as:  Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Joseph Kosma, Mikis Theodorakis, Loukianos Kilaidonis, Dimos Moutsis and Dimitris Lagios among others.

So far he has performed his show FAFLÁGOS- New *Sea* Wave at the Historical Museum of Crete, Heraklion,

at the Steintheater Hellbrunn, Salzburg,

at the Vlahakio Pnevmatiko Kentro, Ano Viannos, Crete,

in Take the A-Train Music Festival, Salzburg, 

at the Open Air Theater "Manos Hadjidakis" Heraklion, Crete, and

at the dinna/dussa Festival, Artenne, Walgau, Austria.

An album of this show is about to be released.


- He started his cooperation with TATU Theater by Caroline Richards in June 2019 and on the 18th of June 2021 he received the Award  STELLA*20 by ASSITEJ Austria in the category Outstanding Music for his work as composer & live musician in the theatre piece 

IDIOTen - die welt steht kopf, a TATU Theater production.


- In 2021 Myrto Dimitriadou, Ragna Heiny & Yorgos Pervolarakis founded the Salzburg-based Breloque Theater Group. Its first production is called BRELOQUE - Memories lost & found and it was premiered in the OVAL Theater, Salzburg on the 8th of June 2021.

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