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Guitar soloist. Singer. Songwriter. Theater Music Composer & Theater Performer.
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Theater Shows
Breloque Theater Group
09.12.23  in Der Leere Raum 11:00 &15:00
08.12.23  in Der Leere Raum 15:00  
07.12.23  in Der Leere Raum 17:00:00
01.10.23  in Der Leere Raum 15:00 (PREMIERE)

FAFLÁGOS-New*Sea*Wave vol.VI_eléctro & Theatre Stories

classical guitar, voice, soundscapes, electronics

5.10.23  19:00  

tanz_house Festival '23 / ARGEkultur, Salzburg




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2023 © Yorgos PERVOLARAKIS

"He is more than music.
He is part of the story.
With his accompaniment, with his interlude.
The musician, non verbal & virtuoso, becomes an actor, a companion, a philosopher.
He conducts the piece & the audience through two centuries with his compositions & interpretations.

The jury is pleased to award the STELLA*20 to Yorgos Pervolarakis for his music in IDIOTen - die welt steht kopf, TATU Theater Salzburg."
Graz, 18.6.21

Yorgos Pervolarakis plays with
an Alector Guitar built by
Giannis & Tasos Koukourigkos
Supported by Guitarlift  designed by Felix Justen
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